Friday, 24 May 2013

The New Me

Being creative is not impossible. To tell myself that I cannot write a song because it is difficult means that I have already told myself that I have failed. I may not be the most handsome man in the world; I may not be a billionaire and; I may not have the fastest cars and the most beautiful women. What I do have is an imagination and creativity which I would like to share with the world and all those who need it.

The so called 'rappers' of today in my generation are degrading, a great failure to the thing that we call 'The Game'. The Rap Game is not about killing someone, cussing mothers, having sex, dehumanising women, and talking about drugs; The Rap Game was created to give the people-who society try to forget about or try to put down-a chance to broadcast their talent. Rap is about remembering the struggles' that you have gone through and the obstacles' you have overcome. Rap is about sharing love with the people who do not have it. Rap is about bringing people together in times of sadness, hardship, and sorrow, giving them hope and happiness. Rap is for a community who have the abilities to rhyme, create a story by using words, flow, alliteration, and diction to create a masterpiece. For me, Rap is poetry.

For these men and women who have created 'casual racism' by using the world 'n***a' in their tunes, they are a disgraceful example of role models such as Lil Wayne, who talks about having sex with people's daughters, Nicki Minaj who gives young girls the view that they should be out there having sex with men and getting money off of them.These people are neither musicians nor rappers; they are an example of the narrow minded and uneducated people that corrupt the minds of our generation today.

When I started writing lyrics, I must say that I swore a lot, talked about weapons, money, sex, and drugs. However, being a young black man, I have seen the effect of all of these things and the lethal damage they cause when the mix. People like Gigz, Sneak Bo, and Johnny Gunz are the people I avoid now as I have matured, seeing that there is much more to the world than moaning about how hard life was or how you represent your gang. I have moved on to people Like Nas, Kendrick Lamar, Styles P, Eminem, Tinnie Tempa, Chipmunk, and many more people who talk sense rather than nonsense. I write about the good and bad side of love, I write about making the right choices in life, I write about the street life and what it really is, I write about respecting people even if they do not respect you. I want to show people the better side of Hip-hop and rap but, to do that, I will need the help of everyone who sees this blog. Follow me, give me guidance and advice, share this blog with you friends. One person can reach out and get their view into the world but, with people and a 'family' behind them, that one becomes a community who can make the world a better place.

I am Elliot Mckenzie, now known as Emmanuell Lamont and this is my story..